A Social Networking App Optimized For Team Sport Athletes

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Social network optimized for footballers.

Project Information

Team Members

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Eraldo Ribeiro ~

Fall 2021

Plan (Sep 8)

Milestone 1 (Oct 4)

Requirement, Desgin, Test, Presentation, Progress Evaluation

In the following steps, the following features will be represented by the letters for A, B and C for ease of readability:

A: creating and maintenance of profiles for ever user
B: Adding and maintenance of friends
C: Chat Implementation
D: Making and maintaining group chats
E: Sweat Pages (includes functions such as inviting and searching for users and groups as well as manipulation of data.)

Milestone 2 (Nov 1)

Presentation, Progress Evaluation

Milestone 3 (Nov 29)

Presentation, Progress Evaluation

Spring 2022


Milestone 4 (Feb 14)

Presentation, Progress Evaluation

Milestone 5 (Mar 21)

Presentation, Progress Evaluation

Milestone 6 (Apr 18)

Presentation, Progress Evaluation, User Manual, eBook, Poster